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Bold as Brass

Like all dogs I love walking, well running, ideally free from the restrictions of the lead.

Generally I like joining my owner on all his trips, work, meetings, shopping, the doctors everywhere.


The reason, I’m a registered Hearing Dog, one of the 6,000 specialist Assistance Dogs working in the UK. Read more about my daily work and training in this article.


Of course, sleeping and eating are high on my list, but responding to sounds that David should hear everyday, but can’t really drive me.


I’ve been told to stop using the ‘Bruces Blog’ as my secretary (himself) was getting tired of all the junk being sent to me. So, I’ve got a new place to type. Check it out, it’s here...

Things I like doing...
My Life

Kennel Name       Haramander Bold as Brass

Known as             Bruce

Date of Birth        30th March 2008

Breed                   Pointer (Sometimes English Pointer by some, wrongly!)

Colour                  Orange and White

Size                      Classed as medium-large

Siblings                 5 (I’m the eldest of 6)

Occupation           Hearing Dog (Assistance Dog)

Location                Wiltshire, UK

Owner                   David

Other pets            None (tropical fish to follow!)

Hobbies                 Walking, working, playing, eating, sleeping, exploring new

                              places, DIY, cooking, chatting to the ladies, chasing birds,                                mischief!

Exercise                 At least 30 minutes free running each day in fields or forest

Mode of transport  By paw, but love my Mercedes

Favourite food       What’s on your plate?

Favourite relative   Big half sister Tango

Facts About Bruce