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Bold as Brass

Morning all!

March 25th, 2010

Hello everyone, welcome to my latest post, sorry it’s been a while, but we’ve been really busy, well I have..

We had a visit from God who put us through the paces (again… yawn..) then a few weeks later the lady who came to see himself and me a year ago came back. The one that I proved how inteligent I was by answering the question myself.

She too put us through the paces, and on the way back from a walk in the forest she told him he’d passed, obviously it was a foregone conclusion about me, but he managed it as well, so well done David. You didn’t let the side down after all.

Apparently we have more bookings coming in for talks, I think I could get to like these, as I get loads of fuss and admirers from these lovely people, I even make a special effort for people who might not really like dogs. They soon like Brucie.

There’s more being done at the house, I have another undercover area, and he’s had a MASSIVE clear out in his workshop, completely reorganised, loads of room for me now, I think he’s got a different take to that though, everything is now on shelves, do you know B&Q have less tools than he does – he’s got something for every job you can imagine. I might start to get to see the advantage of them soon.

We went to watch my little brother (Archie) and big half sister (Tango) at Crufts, Tango got a second and a third in her classes, against the worlds top in our breed, just think if I’d entered what I’d have done? Archie didn’t get placed, I told him he needs to muscle and tone up like me, but he won’t listen…

Jemima (9) got fifth out of the 9 to 11 year olds in the Gundog Finals of Junior Handling throughout the whole of the country, and she was the youngest in the class, she and Tango were the only pointer in the final line up, there were three in the class. So well done Jemima and well done (again!) my favourite sister Tango.

It was a great day wandering around, my socialisers from when I was in training at HQ stopped by and said hello, how nice was it to see Angela and John again, I was naughty, but I was so excited, I couldn’t help jumping up, even though I was in uniform.

It’s my birthday soon, I hope he reads this in time to buy me a nice pressie, a big box arrived yesterday, didn’t smell that special and sure enough inside is a HUGE book on Windows Server 2008 it better hadn’t be for me, I’ll kill him!

Keep well, chat soon.


Return to my Training Academy

February 28th, 2010

Phew! Where does time go to?

We’re nearly at the end of month four of being home. Although I must admit I thought himself was joking when he said we were going back to the Training Academy last month. I brushed up on all my skills, thought I wasn’t working well enough for him and he was sending me back.

Then he told me not to worry, we were going not so I could be watched, but for some meetings with various people there. I still didn’t know if he was joking or not.

The car is loaded up, I’m in the boot, my driver up front, off we go. And sure enough we pull into the drive of the training Academy, GULP! Am I returning for more training or is he working??

Well I met loads of people I knew from training, everyone was happy to see me, although I did my best to hide when I saw Tom my trainer, and must admit to not being quite as sociable as I could have been, fine line between being happy to see someone and being on duty and professional.

Numerous meetings, lots of walks, an evening at my old digs with my land lady and her better half was superb and as for that young lady by the name of Cloey, phew, is she fun or what?

Anyway, we headed for home and had a relaxing few days, while he caught up with paperwork and his emails, a few walks, a little more training and life was back to normal.

The usual doctors appointments and a couple of visits from God… who we also me back at the training Academy.

The first time she came was to get me to wake up in the morning and wake himself up, as a by product of this, I’ve now got two new friends Polar Bear and Scruff bear… he’s trying to make out they are his, they might have been, but now they are MINE.

After the second visit a few things happened, God considers himself is ready to be tested with me, the lady who came to do our initial assessment will be coming to do our exam, I can’t wait to see her again, it will have been over a year, he’s also looking forward to seeing her, he wants to thank her for putting her trust in me – as if there was any doubt?

A couple of days before Gods second visit this year we did a talk to a group of lovely people in a village not too far from us, a place called Rode, what a lovely group, they really liked me and gave me loads of fuss, pity they had to listen to himself waffle on about Hearing Dogs, but there were lots of questions, it reminds me, I need to have a word with him about putting my puppy pictures on show for everyone to see, how embarrassing.

Apparently we have some more talks to do in the next couple of months, one being for a very local group, friends of one of Hearing Dogs for Deaf Peoples’ trustees, he’s certainly gettting me in the right social circles. I honestly didn’t know he had it in him.

Other than that we’re working hard on the training, doing more around the house and having lots of good walks, never long enough though.

Well, that’s about it for now, hope to chat again soon. Who knows he might be qualified the next time I speak to you.

Bye for now, Bruce

Happy New Year

January 7th, 2010

A belated Happy New Year everyone!

Sorry there hasn’t been a post for a while, we were a laptop down while him self’s new one went back for repair; it’s back now, so he’s happy and I get mine back.

So, what’s happened, well, lots of training, seemingly lots of hospital and doctors visits, oooh you should have seen the size of the needle one doc put in his arm!!! OUCH, I couldn’t watch, told himself not to look.

But he’s brave and didn’t flinch.

Done loads of training, and doing well, seemingly himself isn’t too impressed with my early morning sleeping in, he doesn’t need to get anywhere and I’m not that hungry why disturb him? That said he’s booked God to come back and check on me, to see what we can do about it. Loads of new fangled ideas I need to block her on I’m sure.

We’ve been out and about, went on the train into Salisbury on Christmas eve, that was nice, I like trains, not too sure on buses.

I seem to be getting recognised by more people around town and still get people coming up to me and asking him if the can give me a fuss – why ask him, ask me, I’m the one who can hear.

This log burner is great, he’s keeping it well stocked, I’m impressed, he can blow on the fire and flames come from nowhere – like magic! Must be a dragon, best watch my tail.

2010 got off to a great start, over Christmas and New Year himself has had a cold which went straight to his chest, don’t know where they are supposed to go, but hey it went somewhere… but on the Saturday we drove across Dorset and down to a beach called ‘Studland’ an interesting drive to say the least, not his usual we’ll fly along, very controlled and slower.

When we got to this beach thing, it was huge, but best of all there were loads and loads of other pointers, some the same colour as me, others black and white like granny. Well we walked for a while then he let me off the lead, there were 20 plus of us running free, off in the dusty hills, then along the dusty beach and some of us went in the sea, I got drenched, thought I was in for it when I got out, he laughed and told me to stay in the sun to dry off. He was right.

Seemingly people were impressed with me, because I was the best at  coming back when called, I knew what the rewards were.

But it was a good day, when we were walking back, Archie my brother, Tango my big half sister, mum Amber and granny Harriet came to join us. Tango got the two of us in trouble by taking us young brothers off for a big run. Well, Archie got told off, I didn’t.

There were loads of pictures taken, check out gallery six on the main site.

Now even if I say so myself I’m pretty smart, ok very clever, and modest… but my other big half sister was on the walk as well, that’s Tango’s sister, Lilly… but our mum is an orange and white, how come Lilly is black and white when we’re all orange and white? Can’t work that one out. Mind you Granny is black and white as well…

At last we’ve had some snow! Took it’s time. But there was 6″ this morning, great, I like putting my paw prints in the snow, just practising my signature hehe. This afternoon we walked into town, the first time we’ve done that and we discovered a new field not far from home. It was great deep snow to bounce in. He was great took my slip coat off, left my waterproof one one, and took my Halti off, and finally my lead! I was free and had a great run. But my paws were getting cold, so we headed for home.

Hope the snow doesn’t vanish too soon, quite enjoying it.

Right, time to sign off now. Chat to you soon.

If you can’t be good, be careful. Otherwise, just don’t get caught!


When do I get time off?

December 10th, 2009

Evening all, Bruce here,

I hope you’re all well? I am thanks.

Phew what, where do I start, Saturday I spent the night with my granny, odd being away from himself, but I didn’t worry too much.

Sunday we were off somewhere, with my favourite big sister, Tango. We ended up at a dog show, Southern Pointer Club open show. Nice gaff actually, huge ring, glad I didn’t get shown, I was there in official capacity as a Hearing Dog, seemingly he wanted to see how I behaved at a show when I was working, I think I impressed, I aim to.

Loads of fuss, lots of people staggered little me is a hearing dog, but I am, I stood there all angelic.

My favourite big sister won her class, and went on to be reserve best girl in the show – with some big cups to show for it.

Monday and Tuesday were normal working days, training, walks, more training – tidying up, washing, all the stuff my man servant does for me.

Wednesday all was going well until the door went, this wasn’t a training drill though, I told him, took him to the door, lay down, he opened the door, and someone came in, the voice was familiar -  hell! It was God herself, our PSI Lindsey. Best brush up a bit sharp, and remember to have words, I didn’t know she was coming.

Well, Wednesday was lots of sound work, then out for a walk, and back for more sound work, I was tired, dread to think what himself was like.

Was I glad when he closed the door and she’d gone, I could relax properly.

Thursday morning, we were both tired from the day before, so once I’d told him it was 08.00 I sloped back to bed, not expecting him to wake up at 09.05 in a panic – what was it??? Oh, God’s back for a second day.

My sis and granny arrived around 10.20, we bundled into to the car and went off for a run and a play together, once I’d shown them around my new pad, think granny was impressed there were no closed doors or anywhere we couldn’t go in or around the house, well except the workshop and garden tools/wood store at the side of the house. And you’ve guessed it, that’s where I love going – all those tools, the smell of the wood ahhh..

So we got to my new playground, a couple of fenced off fields at the back of the wet land area, sis wasn’t too impressed she got her paws wet! I didn’t mind, and granny seemed fine with it. Once we got to the field I knew himself had a pocket full of nice treats and a pocket full of yummy ones, for when I’ve been really good.

Off we went, granny went and did her own thing, while sis and I had a fab time racing around the fields, she didn’t seem too impressed with the size of the field or the fact there were fences all around, but I was cool with them. Big enough for me, I like to be close by him in case he needs me.

Well, I got fed well on the rewards, always back on time, know exactly what God wants to see and how to please a lady.

We headed back, sis and granny had time to get dry before shooting off home, hope to see them soon.

That afternoon after himself served up some of the orange coloured soup (must be some mistake, it has to be mine, it’s my colour) my work jumper and jacket were put on, plus collar, lead and halti, off we went, we walked down the road and stood around in this glass building for 20 minutes, we could have walked, it would have been faster. Mind you, I was shattered.

This large vehicle arrived, a bus, on we got, oooh, I’m not so struck on these things - where are we going, ok I put a brave face on it and we weren’t on for too long. Soon we were off and walking around town, catching the smiles as we walk, sure thee are people who would like to be giving me a fuss.

We went and seemingly ordered some discs with some information on for me, not seen them yet.

On the way back we stopped off for a drink in this little ‘tea room’ under this shop – quite odd and someone didn’t bring my mat to sit on! As we went in this lady was about to kick me out, but he informed her who I was and this other lady behind the counter said of course I was allowed in.

Well, the ordered what they wanted and the first lady gave me a lot of fuss and attention, quite nice really, just didn’t know how to react to a dog like Bruce, but then lots of people don’t.

Friday was a relaxing day, we went shopping, himself dropped a laptop back at my sisters, mums, brothers and grannies house – I didn’t get out. Ho humm.

Then off to Tesco and straight back home, he wasn’t too well on Thursday night, seemingly two days of lip reading is very hard work and he wasn’t very well, so we headed home, put some food in this cooker to cook and had a relaxing afternoon. Have to admit, I was glad, it was a long hard week and from what I gather next week isn’t any better either.

Can’t stand around chatting all day, must rush, other people want to see me.

Yours, Bruce.

Another week in paradise….?

November 27th, 2009

Only Me!

Bruce here, well, who else would it be?

An interesting week, the weekend wasn’t anything special, we managed one walk, the only time the whole weekend it wasn’t raining cats and frogs… quite nice to get out, into the wetland, who’d have thought we’d find that at the back of Warminster town, becoming a bit of a favourite with us. Some areas he always puts me on the lead, others I’m free to roam.

Well, we had a quick pad around and a run, the only problem is my paws get wet and he was talking about designing some mudguards for me. Still not been for a swim this week.

Monday the weather wasn’t much better, so we headed for the cover of the forest, how I like that place – places to hide, saw the place I nearly got lost last week, oooh a shiver ran down my spine. Still we had a good walk, as the weather didn’t look too clever he parked as close as we could get, which meant as it wasn’t dark or raining when we got back to the car we went for a walk round part of the lake – saw my old chums the ducks, they didn’t recognise me though – don’t think I’ve changed that much.

We did some more sound work training and he’s learnt that I like breakfast at 10.00 not 08.00 or o9.00 at 10.00 how long did it take? So now it’s fresh when I eat it.

Tuesday was raining so after work we went to my favourite toy shop (Pets at Home) to buy me some new toys. He bought four items but so far I’ve only had one, a piece of rope with two knots – the other stuff smelt like food. On the way back we had a very light walk as some plank didn’t bring his walking boots or wellies – I get my feet wet, now he knows what it’s like. Well since I started to write this I’ve got the other one. Brilliant! It’s a bone that tastes nice, made of plastic, which screw together, with a rubber ball in the middle – where I’d normally carry a bone! BUT the best bit is he unscrews it, takes the ball off and puts a disc of hide each end of the ball. Then screws it back together.

Takes less than an hour to remove the hide discs!

In the evening I was peckish and saw my reward bag on the side so thought I’d have a snack, only he came in the kitchen and caught me red pawed – boy did I get it. Stayed low for a while, judged it just right, he can’t be mad at me for too long. Although he wasn’t impressed I slept through the alarm that morning – ooops I was tired and the bed was so comfy.

Wednesday was interesting. Morning as usual, he worked, did some sound work had his lunch, did some obedience and got a  bit of cheese as my reward, don’t know if its me or not, but when he goes out of the room telling me to wait he takes longer and longer to come back. Never hear the front door go, so he’s not done a runner. Phew. Mind you if he did, this place has got to be worth a few bob…

In the afternoon we headed of to the wetland again, this time we cut into a field – HUGE with a big hill, we climbed to the top and then he let me off the lead – WOW the speed I got going down there, bugger when I got to the bottom whistled me to come back! He was still at the top. Must remember I owe him one for that.

Then as he was coming down he started to teach me some different whistle calls, can’t get this one pip and stay. I want to come back to hear what he wants. But the two pips seem to mean by his waving one arm or the other that he wants me to turn. So he was pleased. Simple things eh?

Until I think I came flying down the hill and didn’t judge where he was and bumped into one of his hikking poles – clean snapped. Have to say though when he called me back he seemed more concerned about me. I was fine and I carried on. Wandered back to the car and headed home, after seeing where the road took us too if we carried on.

That evening he was really good, well, I thought he was, seems I might have got the wrong idea, I love sticks to chew on, no-one seems to like me doing this. So when he brought a huge load of BIG sticks in from the store by the side of his workshop I thought it was a treat, seems that he wanted to put them by the side of this metal box in the lounge and sets fire to them – I’m puzzled – they weren’t for me after all.

Very keen to keep me away from this metal box when he sets light to it, lovely and warm though, my bed’s right next to it. Ahhhh.

Thursday, WHAT! Up early, he was showered and dressed before 07.30! Where are we off too? Then breakfast is done, I ate thinking there was something special happening. He then started to take up part of the floor in on the landing – Why? and moved the washing machine, tumble drier across the room, and cleared a load of tools and things out of the garden and tool store. What was happening?

At sometime after 8, four blokes arrived, one wasn’t too keen on me, so I took him my lion as a piece offering, I’ll watch him and hover around him, just to wind him up if I can.

They’d come to fit a new boiler – to keep me warm as the one we have konks out from time to time. Anyway, they weren’t too happy as there was a lot of work to do and they hadn’t been supplie with all they needed to do the job. So headed off and are coming back next week. Can’t wait, I know the one who would like me to keep away, but will I??

After they’d gone we shot out to a human vets appointment at the local hospital. I went in, had a sniff around and went to sleep, watched from the corner of my eye what was happening, nothing I can tell you about. Then he wanted to disturb me and take me out again. The nurse we saw liked me. But then they all like me, even the nurses at my own vets love Brucie. If I weren’t so modest I have to say I can’t blame them.

Friday was another day, rained most of it, so we did some sound work, obedience, he did some work and around mid-afternoon we went out – back to the huge fields, but a nice walk by the river first. Saw a few other dogs, but he wasn’t too keen for me to play with them all. Still a good run and now dozing for the evening.

Well, that’s another week in the life of Bruce. Next week we’ve got Lindsey our PSI (Partnership Support Instructor) – see he is useful for some things, yes, thank you, you can go back to what you were doing now. Yes, the PSI is here for phase 2 of my placement on Wednesday and Thursday. I can’t wait, see what she tells him to get me to do, expecting me not to do it. I know who looks after me, I know when I need to impress, I’m Bruce.

What a week…

November 20th, 2009

Bruces Log… Star date erms, what date is it, sometime in November 3009, yeah close enough.

Right, what a week – been on our own this week, peace I thought. Wrong I discovered.

Sunday we went to the office to sort out a few systems, well himself did the sorting, I was there for company. So I had a snooze. Then we went outside and into the fields, well it was too much and I was so excited I took off after some birds, after half a mile or so I’d nearly got them! I wasn’t listening for the whistle, so I continued, then thought best get back before he does his nutt. Too late, don’t think he was best pleased and I didn’t remember that barbed wire fence there on the way.

Monday morning saw my whole routine thrown out, 11am in Salisbury for an eye test. Hmmm well, the upside is it’s one of the trendy places he goes to, so I was a designer dog in a designer eye shop – wowwwww you should have seen it, there had to be at least a days worth of glasses to put my lovely nose print on!

Inside the room, my vet bed was put on the floor and down Brucie went, they even switched the lights off so I could sleep, I was very impressed.

Soon we were on our way out, to the pasty shop yummm oh, not for me? And off to see my big sister Tango, my mum and granny, meeting my brother Archie is being saved for a special day – I heard tomorrow mentioned.

Tuesday we went for a walk around Sheer Water and in to the forest, it was great, we did a bit of trekking, I ran ahead, but didn’t wait for him to catch up, so lost my bearings a bit, fortunately for me, he regularly blew the whistle so I knew the direction to head. Not sure who was happier to see who to be honest. (Don’t tell anyone I was panicking, just a tiny bit) we continued the walk, very pleasant too.

Wednesday he was back at the vets, first they took something red out of his arm, it’s nice and warm in these places, and I was soon asleep on my vet bed, then it was time to move! This time he was having something fed into his other arm, again, I just got settled and I was having a fuss made of me by his lady vet and we were off – hardly worth me sitting down really.

He got some new mats for the bedroom and landing, they are long and narrow, don’t seem to slip and give me a good launch pad for when I want to chase up and down the landing. Shhhh he doesn’t know I do that.

Thursday, oh what a day, of all the walks of the week disaster. We went over this wooden thing called a ‘bridge’ it was over a small stream, I was stood at the end of the walk minding my own business, looking in the water when my grip went – and I ended up drenched. He was very quick to lead me out and get me to the car to get me home, but not before he’d taken me round the back of the house… Out with the water and the smelly cleaning stuff – November, outside and soaked head to toe AGAIN! Then he went inside, leaving me there, and came out with clean water and soaked me for a third time!!!

Still, we went inside and my big, soft, clean towel was waiting and soon I was dry and in my bed. Not for long though, enticed upstairs and put in my crate, he’s off out to take the mower for repair – what is a mower and why can’t I come? What’s so special??? Seemingly the mower is in the book where I sit!!! so there is no room for Bruce.

Soon he was back and we had a relaxing evening, he thinks it’s funny to call me swamp boy, it wasn’t me that nearly lost his boots as I guided us across a piece of very soft boggy ground – up to and over the top of his boots, he knew something was wrong, I’d stopped and was watching him, how I wish I’d got a camcorder…

Friday was back to the BIG vets hospital we went to last week, the lady he see’s isn’t do sure on me. But pleasant enough. Had a great sleep again.

Then as a ‘treat’ we went out, across town to the local small Tesco – in the queue a lady who works there tapped him on the shoulder and said ‘dogs aren’t allowed in the store’ he didn’t hear, so I stepped between them, she looked down, read my jacket and apologised to him. Off we went, next stop something called ‘the chippy’ stood for an age, mind you once inside quite cosy, rather liked the smell!

People were commenting on me, what was I, what did I do… it was great, but I’d rather have been tucked up at home. The chap behind the counter when he’d paid gave him something and said ’something for your dog’ I never got nothing, I need to watch this, people giving him stuff for me, and keeping it to himself, not sure who he thinks he is…

Right, well there’s the highlights of my week. More to follow soon. Stay tuned in.

Bye for now, Bruce

End of Week One at Home!

November 13th, 2009

Hello again,

Well, week one at home has been and gone. What a week.

Saturday we were up and about early, I don’t really like these early mornings, don’t like to wake until 9. Mind you, it’s been chilly around 05.30 and I’ve had to wake him up to tuck me in under my fleece. I can do it myself, but it’s nice to work for each other.

Yes, Saturday, we went into town, Boots, the Post Office, then Currys and my favourite shop, Pets at Home!!! Then it was home for his lunch and on with the walking boots and off we went to the forrest. YES.

We only did an hour, it was starting to get dark and it’s not a good place to be in the dark really. So we went home, I got washed down and dried, why he washes me I don’t know, he knows I don’t like it!

After tea we got back in the car. Three time in one day!? And headed off in a direction that was passingly familiar, ah! We’re off to KFC. Nearly, we ended up at a HUGE shop called Sainsburys.

It is stuffed FULL of food of every sort, I was on my best behaviour and wandered with him picking up all his grub, looked good, I was wondering what he was going to be cooking for us. Seems he’s not cooking for us now, it’s for HIM.

Soon after we entered the store a lady who was working there, stopped what she was doing and came over to us. She was deaf and was fascinated by me. Asking him loads of questions. She lives with her mum and dad still as she’s worried about moving out because she is frightened of not knowing if someone is at the door, or if the smoke detector is going off… So he told her what I did and suggested she looks up Hearing Dogs on the internet and completes the online application.

Sunday was a day of rest, well, we went for a long drive with the trailer to collect a motor bike, NO, not for him!

Monday, well the PSI (Partnership Support Instructor) came to our pad and began the introduction of the sounds with me in new home… it was good, I was a little cheeky, there is a window by the front door, I like to make sure who is ringing the bell, but that means standing on the sofa, nice try Bruce – it was blocked, guess they are serious. Same in the bedroom, they wanted to move my bed, I didn’t want it moving, nor did he. So it stayed.

Only I went over the bed, not round it. Picky, picky…. As a reward we went to a new place for a walk, by the river, not very big, but big enough, did some recall, then another dog came along so we played chase.

Tuesday we had a day off and just padded around, doing things around the house.

Wednesday say Lindsey (the PSI) back to do some more work, soon we were in the car and on the way to see Howard, my personal physician, a great chap. Only he wasn’t in and they were so sorry for the mix up, didn’t get a treat though – must remember that next time. Saw a charming young lady, Lindsey did all the chat, telling her what I’m entitled to, showing her my record book. The vet gave me a once over, they all loved the fact I just stood there and let her check me out. Well, he didn’t seem too fussed, gave me a reward and stroked me.

Then it was for a run in the fields where I first went for my first walk. Ah, memories. I did all the recall, chased and chased the birdies, it was great.

On the way back Lindsey said to him, she wanted me to do a ‘down and wait’ while he walked away and then came back to me. She seemed to think I wouldn’t do it. She also doesn’t know I understand what’s being said. So I did it first time. That took the wind away for a moment or two.

Next it was another paradise, this time called  Tesco. Same routine, no-one stopped us, got the shopping, paid for it and went back to the car and home. I think we were both shattered, but NO more work.

Sound work training, squeeker and then actual sounds, loads of rewards, everything went great.

Thursday we did some more sound work and obedience first thing, then off to the forrest for a walk and a run – did lots of recall, covered some miles, had a great time. Not a long walk, he even brought treats for them to eat, it was close to lunchtime and it’s important when he eats.

Back to the car, dried off, yuk. Then into town and into a sandwich shop, the owner kicked two of his regulars off a table for four and set it for us. Kind of him. My vet bed was put down in the corner, was I glad of a rest.

They all ate and then had the cheek to wake me up…

Of back to Boots for something, oh and a load more fuss and attention – I’m beginning to like that.

Then back home, a little more sound work and a rest while Lindsey and he ploughed through paperwork together.

Friday saw an early start, up at 7, oh, I’ve been waking him the past couple of days to the alarm clock, nothing better than a couple of rewards and crawling back into my nice warm bed.

Then it was in the car and off. We drove through a city called Bath and arrived at a really big vets for humans. They call it a hospital – big vets sounds better for me. He parked the car, it was raining, set me in coat, halti and exercise lead and expected me to have a leak in the pouring rain, I didn’t need one.

So on with the work lead and off we went, in through these doors that open by magic and around a corridor, he clearly knew where we were going.

Quite odd, went into this room off the main corridor, he waved at someone and then popped into the room next to them – is this where he works?? Oh no, it was the toilet!

I stood and waited. Washed his hands and we went back outside and he sat down. Soon a lady came up to him and off we went into this room.

My vet bed was unpacked and put on the floor, I sat down and watched.

Most odd! He rolled his shirt sleeves up and this lady started to put darts in his hands and arms! Oooh it must have hurt, but he didn’t flinch once. Impressive, he’s a super hero my keeper. Or something?

When we finished he packed up, and as we were leaving all sorts of people came and started to make a fuss of me, telling me how handsome I was, asking about me. I like this place. Can’t wait until next time. But I must tell him the rules for darts, it’s really not fair they use him as the dartboard!

Next we went to this HUGE toy shop for men, I heard one lady call it as we walked in. B&Q? WOW there was everything. We got what he needed and he was looking at some things when two chaps approached us. One was deaf and couldn’t speak the other was his mouth and ears!

They asked about me, he answered and I was asked to turn around to say hello. They were nice chaps. The deaf one even had the same rewards that he has and gave me one – what a coincidence! He used to have a hearing dog, it was bred by the police but it’s sense of smell wasn’t good enough. So he was trained as hearing dog. Unfortunately he died earlier this year.

Having seen me, the man has now decided he’s definitely having another hearing dog – Yes, two applications in my first week!

Well folks, that’s about it from the world of Bruce for this week. Sign in soon to read more.

TTFN Bruce 4117

Home at last!

November 6th, 2009

Bruce here, well I’m home, the place has changed a lot, the garden is green, won’t be for long I’m sure…

The floors are all solid, new solid and not concrete, there are rugs and you should see my new bed in the lounge – just for me! Leather, if I curl up, then two of us can sit here, if I stretch out then it’s perfect for me. He thinks of everything.

We need a bigger car, couldn’t get much more in the front and on the back seat, for one terrible moment I thought some of my things might end up in the boot with me. He managed, I seem to have come away with loads of goodies, of course there is my official uniform, he bought three of them and everyone agreed with ‘Bruce’ it was wise. Then there is the activity ball which I used to like, my smoked bones, yummy, new teddy ‘Mr Lion’ and ‘Mr Blue’ my kong. Not forgetting my very smart and very warm burgundy coat.

He did spoil me. Mind you, he sent me away for four months, and didn’t visit once in the last six weeks.

The week has been hard work, working to sounds for David and not Tom who was pretending to be David. Still everyone seemed pleased and said they were going to miss me around the place.

On Wednesday evening we went to my old home while I’ve been in training and met my socialisers, Angela and John, David seemed really pleased that they took such good care of me, although a few tales were told about me…

But now it’s all done and next week we have the placement team come and teach us how to work now we’re home. I never expected to come back to here, but I am so pleased I’m home, it feels just right, I can come and go as I please.

On the way home we went to his vets, his vet (called a doctor) seemed really nice, I can see why he likes going, but she really liked me and told me I was so well behaved, then she gave him some paperwork that he needed to go and get from somewhere else, Boots I think, could be wrong, in which case I’ve put my foot in it HAHA – ‘boots – foot in it’ ok, ok.

So we waited an age there, lots of people stroked me, I like that, I got a few rewards for being good, there were two lovely little girls in their pushchair I was watching, cute, so cute.

Next we popped into Iceland, it wasn’t far and it wasn’t as cold as I read it was, we just got some milk from there, so he could make a cup of tea for us.

Ah well, tired now, don’t know what tomorrow brings, got a feeling a long walk is in order. Best sleep LOTS.

Bye for now, Bruce

It’s nearly tomorrow…

November 1st, 2009

On Monday 2nd November, my owner and hearing dog recipient joins me in Buckinghamshire to begin our pre-placement week of training.

What I gather from my trainer, Tom, this is where David and I get to know each other, well if I were a normal hearing dog and not formerly a pet, owned by my recipient, but we’ve got a lot of catching up to do before we start working, so I hope he’s up early and on his way to get here as soon as possible in the morning. I bet I won’t get a walk before he arrives.

Besides that I don’t really know what is planned for the week, I guess Tom will stop pretending to be David and I’ll be telling David there is someone at the door, telling him the special phone is ringing and that there is a fire.. I can’t wait.

If I’m really lucky we’ll get to go out and about and I’ll be able to show him how good his decision was to become my bestest pal was, even if as he’s told me a few times I don’t show him I like him too much.

Like owner, like dog eh!

Well, I’ve just seen the time so I’d better sneak back to my bed and get some sleep, they don’t really like me using their computer – still they won’t know.

Bye for now… B

Hello world!

October 26th, 2009

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this first post in my blog. I’m new to all this, so stay with me.

Last week seemingly was one of the most important in my career as a hearing dog, I had two days of examinations. The pass rate was 75% and I scored 91%.

Everyone, especially my trainer, Tom, seemed over the moon with my results. Load of hugs and treats  I could get to like this.

Not sure what this week has in store for me, next week David, my owner joins me for a weeks training and then on Friday I return home to Wiltshire for good.

Some instructors come to visit us for the following three days and then David and I are on our own, ready to start this great adventure.

As a hearing dog I can accompany David everywhere and support him with his inability to hear, I really can’t wait to see some of the places he has to go and meet the people he encounters on a daily basis.

More on all this soon, I’m so excited about returning home with him, it’s been great with the people who’ve taken care of me the last four months, I know they will miss me, but unfortunately from a very early age I knew David was a special chap, understanding, even when I wrecked Mandy’s house, but he put everything right again, that’s how I know he likes me and I have to admit to being very excited to start working and helping him around the house and when we’re out and about.

I mentioned it in another post, but please do support Hearing Dogs and another charity who have helped David and other adults who have suddenly lost their hearing, Hearing Concern LINK – both their web sites are on my links page. While I’m on my links page, if you’re in or around Salisbury and you want a really nice vet with lots of lovely nurses then I can’t recommend Howard at The Vets highly enough – they put my paw back together perfectly.



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