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Bold as Brass

Hi I’m Bruce, a rather unique Pointer, or as some people wrongly refer to us as an ‘English Pointer’ there is only one pointer and only one Bruce!


I live in Wiltshire with my owner, well really my servant and provider David. He’s deaf, happened rather suddenly over six months in 2007.


So I got called upon to be his ears, you can read all about this in the article ‘I just called to say’ which is about my life and specialist training. So specialised, I am the only Pointer in the UK working as a Hearing Dog, or even an Assistance Dog. More on that here.


News August 2010 himself took a call from one of the lovely ladies at Hearing Dogs to tell him I’ve been nominated for Hearing Dog of The Year 2010 in the category of Heroic Dog. Hearing Dogs now have ME on their web site click here for more details.

News. March 2010 we passed our partnership finals examination, well he passed, I passed my bit in October 2009. Well done to himself!

News. There is a new section in the gallery. Himself and me managed to get some time in the studio. Unfortunately he got in the way of a few shots. He seems rather chuffed at the moment, so as soon as he’s forgotten about them I’ll sneak in and remove the ones with him in!